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Hi there! I'm Cam, a landscape and cityscape photographer based in Western New York. I'm inspired by spending time in the outdoors. From mountains to cities, my photography seeks to capture an obtainable sense of adventure and exploration that has been important to me since I was young. This love of exploration has driven me to take numerous roadtrips across the US and Canada, which are frequently documented in my work.

I enjoy shooting both film and digital, and pushing the boundaries of traditional photography with unique perspectives and composition. I believe that I am most at peace when out in nature, and I love bringing that indoors with my prints.


My work has been exhibited by the 3rd on 3rd Gallery (Jamestown, NY) as part of "Along the Way," in 2018, as well as at Ten Thousand Vines winery in Hamburg, NY. 

Follow along on Instagram at @camglosser, or drop me a line here. I'd love to hear from you!

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